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Some of the most commonly asked questions with answers​

​How do I submit a question for a council meeting?

​Questions for council meetings can be submitted in advance of the meeting to towncouncil@crewkerne-tc.gov.uk.  If they are submitted three clear working days in advance of the meeting, staff and councillors aim to provide a response in the meeting.  A question can be raised in the Public Open Forum at the start of each meeting, but may be referred to the Clerk for a response within 10 working days.​

​How can I get a stall at the market?​

The monthly Farmers’ Market is run by Somerset Farmers Markets – contact them directly via their website.

​How do I view a planning application? ​

Planning applications can be viewed through County Council’s planning portal.  Search http://somerset.gov.uk/planningfor an application here.  ​

​When will my rubbish be collected?​

You can check up to date waste collection dates here https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/

​How much do councillors get paid?​

Town Councillors do not get paid or receive any allowances towards their Town Council duties.  ​

4 November 2021
Last Updated
24 October 2023